Children are Natural Scientists

We believe to let them devote their endless energy to learn language, stories, music and all aspects of the culture they born in. Sometimes it seems like your go-go-go toddler can't stop even for a moment, so let him to learn more.

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Dance & Music

Dance helps children to develop physically, socially and emotionally while it has been scientifcally proven that music ignites all areas of Child Development.

Arts & Craft

The Art and Craft activities extends the thinking of children across multiple patterns of intelligence and develops higher thinking skills in them.

Spoken English

Songs and rhymes give children the chance to play with Spoken English in a stress-free way however the Stories provide children with a context for speaking English .

Exclusive Classes For Housewives

Happy, Secure and Motherly Care

Environments should be attractive and make children feel safe and secure and happy to be there and they should also be places where children can confidently Play and Learn

Age Based Games

Kids develop important skills for school including cognitive skills like memory and hand-eye coordination while playing games developed for their age group.

Productive Time Utilization

A creative environment, which is both stimulating and challenging, Children learn best through doing and we give ample opportunities to explore experiment and discover

Summer Camp

The summer camps seeks to satisfy children's basic need for connectedness, affiliation, belonging, acceptance, safety and feelings of acceptance and appreciation

Festivals And Special Day Celebration

Celebrating the days and festivals makes the kids social and these celebrations make them learn about the culture and the importance of these days and festivals

Picnics/ Outings

Exposing children to the outdors fosters self-reliance, physical fitness and compassion for others, these outings inculcate a wave of rejuvenation in them and make them fresh

Happy Parents

The Parents are Happy when their kids are Happy, and kids are Happy when they get a playful, joyful, healthy and learning envrionment, where they can do their own experiments and innovations. And we are committed to provide your kid the learning environment in which they can learn by fun