Child Safety and CCTV Surveillance

Primary concern of any parents is Child Safety and we have very well verified and trained staff. The whole school area is under the CCTV Surveillance and has been monitored carefully. Even you can have the access to CCTV live right at your home or mobile.

Healthy and Nutritious Meals

We provide your kid a Healthy and Nutritious Meal (if opted). The menu of the meals has been carefully chosen so that it will be nutritious as well as tasty. The meals are cooked using the best quality ingredients and in highly hygienic environment.

Various Activities

Your kid will enjoy journey through various interactive, learning, interesting, and playful activities as a part of their curriculum. Specially designed activities are conducted to educate the kids and enhancing their creativity while enjoying their time at Star Kidz.

Motherly Care

The most important aspect of a Pre-School is the care your child get and we are committed to provide your child Motherly Care so that they feel free and homely at the school. Whenever children find a free and homely environment they open up for Learning.

Age Appropriate Safe Non Toxic Toys

Children love toys; they learn with them, experiment with them, play with them, apply creativity in them and enjoy their time with them. We understand this and provide them age appropriate, specifically selected range of Safe, Non-Toxic Toys to play and learn.

Hygienic and Homely Environment

Your Kids are always pampered by you and we too care for your sentiments and provide a clean and hygienic environment to your kids to learn and play around. We provide the dust free and homely environment for your kid to nurture them mentally and physically.

Lots of Educational Games

Children have utmost interest in Games and of course they learn a lot while they play the games. Since, catering this behavior of the kids we have a host of Educational Games which allows the kids to learn while doing their favorite task – Playing Games.

Home Pickup and Drop

We also provide the home pickup and drop facility for your kid in the near proximity. However, we ensure the safe ride of your kid on the both ways to and from school. With this facility you will never need to change your schedules.